Tech Corner: BTAC’s Remote Hub is Here and Ready

  • Kade Lyons
  • 21 September 2020

The BTAC’s remote work hub/co-working space is open for business now with a grand opening soon to follow. The remote work hub includes daily, weekly, and monthly rentals of the location’s services as well as storage lockers, a large meeting space, a conference room, and privacy cubicle rental. By the end of 2021 the BTAC will have a commercial kitchen constructed to accommodate more startup businesses.

Remote Work Lounge

Comfort is the key to the remote work lounge. The lounge has an open layout with relaxed seating and built in laptop desks. Power for your laptop or phone won’t be a concern with the numerous power outlets lining the walls that include USB ports built in. A 70” screen TV is mounted on the eastern wall for tenant enjoyment. Remember if you plan on watching TV, please be mindful of anyone else taking advantage of the lounge. A communal bulletin board is available in the lounge for community and business advertising usage.

Board Meeting Space

The board meeting space is suitable for up to 12 individuals. Modular desks are available to make sure the space isn’t too crowded, and to meet social distancing needs. The large TV is available for adding virtual attendees to your meetings and for presentations. Reserving the board meeting space is on a first come first serve basis.

Large Meeting Space

If you are holding a large training or seminar with upwards of 50 attendees, the BTAC can accommodate you in the large meeting space it has available. Access to a host of desks, chairs, and a projector will be of a benefit to any use you are looking for. The large meeting space also has direct access from Carbon Avenue with a nearby entrance to load and unload any equipment that you wish to bring. As with the board meeting space, reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

Privacy Cubicles

When privacy is your big need, the 20 ft² privacy cubicles are the way to go. Each cubicle is set up with a desk and power outlet, again with USB ports, and a door for privacy. The privacy cubicle area also has a communal bulletin board that can be used the same way as the remote work hub bulletin board. The privacy cubicle area has two access points, one being through the board meeting space and the other entering through a hallway in the center of the building.

The BTAC is running a discounted promotional rate to begin usage of the remote work hub. The promotional daily rate is $5, weekly rate is $15, and monthly rate is $50. Students may use the space for free beyond the promotion. You may find the regular rates as well as feature list for each rate at Applications for the space may be filled out online at
For more information about the BTAC and the remote working hub you may visit their website at