Tech Corner: Silicon Slopes Branches Out Into the Carbon and Emery Area

  • Michael Bryant
  • 25 March 2020

In case you missed it, the Silicon Slopes East Chapter held a launch event on March 4. What is Silicon Slopes, you might ask? According to their website “Silicon Slopes is the voice, hub and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community.” Silicon Slopes is a statewide non-profit organization that empowers startup and tech businesses by helping them learn, connect and serve each other.

Eastern Utah is excited to join the Silicon Slopes organization by having its very own Silicon Slopes East Chapter. This partnership empowers Eastern Utah to share what tech looks like off of the Wasatch Front with an audience of more than 250,000 individuals and thousands of tech and entrepreneurial companies connected to Silicon Slopes

What does tech look like off of the Wasatch Front? It has been said that in Eastern Utah that we build the hardware needed for software companies to run. Founding members of the Silicon Slopes East Chapter include Intermountain Electronics and Emery Telcom. Intermountain Electronics specializes in manufacturing electronic equipment for mining, oil fields and now regional data centers for companies like Facebook. Emery Telcom provides an array of technology services, including phone and internet services, fiber to residents and businesses with speeds up to 1000 Megabits per second, television service, WiFi solutions, computer and networking sales and service. Emery Telcom has also expanded into the media market with ETV News.

Both Emery Telcom and Intermountain Electronics are growing their businesses. Emery Telcom is growing its customer base into other areas and expanding fiber throughout the region while Intermountain Electronics recently announced a major expansion to their facility in Price, which includes the need to hire nearly 300 more employees.

Silicon Slopes East aims to help these tech companies and all other tech-like companies within the Carbon/Emery region. By connecting businesses with Silicon Slopes partners and networks tech, Eastern Utah will grow and thrive. As a part of the Coal Country Strike Team, Silicon Slopes East has already helped provide over $130,000 in scholarships and workforce training to local students and workers in Carbon and Emery counties. More scholarship and workforce training funds will be provided for the upcoming summer and fall 2020 semester and into the spring 2021 semester.

Silicon Slopes East will continue to host events, trainings and networking opportunities for tech companies within the region and those that are interested in locating to the Carbon/Emery area. While public gatherings are presently on hold while the country fights the COVID-19 virus, stay tuned for additional events and activities as they are announced.

For more information on Silicon Slopes, visit and on Silicon Slopes East, visit their website or Facebook page